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"We first laid eyes on Miss Floppy in April, 2010. She was an adorable little 4 month old Pit mix puppy with very "floppy" back legs that didn't quite work right.

She was initially rescued the month before by a Good Samaritan who received a call from the local police. Floppy's original home was busted in a drug raid and it was initially thought that her "floppy" back legs didn't work due to an injury sustained while living in that home. She also had a very infected wound on her head that had never been treated.

We decided to take Floppy under our wing and make her a part of our AARF family because the Good Samaritan did not have the resources to find out what was wrong with this sweet girl. We really didn't either, but one look into those big brown eyes and we couldn't do anything other than help her.

Our first stop was to Dr. Siegler, who had a suspicion that there wasn't any injury, but rather that it was a problem with her brain. He recommended we take her to the neurologist at Seattle Veterinary Services, Dr. Sanders. At the consultation, Dr. Sanders took note of the way she moved and knew he would need an MRI and spinal tap to tell her full story.

MRI's are expensive, so we went right to work putting together fundraising events, like our Vinyl Countdown Auction and even garage sales to raise the money. It took us awhile, but Dr. Sanders had assured us that she didn't seem to be in any discomfort. Once we raised the money for the MRI, we took her right in to have the procedure.

Tragically, it was discovered that Floppy has a degenerative brain disease. We don't know how long she'll be with us, but she will live with Heather (AARF President), until her motor functions have degenerated to the point she can no longer move on her own. For now, Floppy is one of the most happy and innocent creatures you'll ever meet. She loves life to the fullest and has absolutely no idea of her limitations. She's a constant reminder and inspiration not to let the bad things in life get you down.

She has been a featured guest at several school functions. Floppy teaches children about Pit Bulls and breed prejudice, she shows them that her special needs don't keep her from living a great life and she also teaches them about the need for rescuing animals from abusive situations.

AARF is dedicated to helping animals like Floppy. We can't rescue as many animals as other groups, but we are passionately devoted to the ones we can help. We also network with other rescue groups and shelters, as well as providing pet food to those less fortunate."

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