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AARF’s foster program – Save a life!

Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to one of AARF’s dogs. Your generosity will allow us to rescue a dog from death row.  Through the foster program, many dogs have had a second chance at an amazing life, and the foster program is a critical part of our ability to save so many dogs annually. Fostering is an immensely rewarding experience you'll never forget, and it changes animals' lives in a very direct way.

Why do we need Fosters?

Catahoula’s are intelligent, loyal and loving family dogs; they are a rare and sought after breed here in the Northwest.  In the south they are very common; bred indiscriminately and with no focus on spay/neuter programs.  Ultimately their chance of survival in the shelters is bleak; over a 90% kill rate.  AARF has a program to rescue these wonderful dogs and bring them to the NW to be placed in loving homes but we can’t do it without fosters

All our dogs receive a health check, vaccinations and a behavior evaluation before going to their foster home. We also do our best to determine their level of compatibility with other animals. If you have other dogs in your household we can help supervise a meet and greet between the dogs before sending a foster dog home with you.

What does AARF provide, and what do foster parents provide?

You provide the basics—space, exercise, socialization, basic training and love. We provide food, a crate, bed, collar or harness, leash and toys; pay for all necessary, pre-authorized vet care; provide professional training support if needed and assign a dedicated adoption coordinator to assist with any questions during the duration of your foster dog's stay. We also offer foster sitting if you need to travel out of town while you are fostering.

How long are dogs in foster care?

Typically our dogs are in foster care for two to four weeks, enough time to learn about their personalities and find the perfect home.  Foster parents can be involved in as much or little of the adoption process as they would like; meet and greets, home visitations and follow-ups.  This allows the foster parents to feel good about the dogs’ forever home. We ask that foster parents commit to fostering a dog for the duration of their stay in foster care and only request a transfer when absolutely necessary, such as an unexpected family emergency, significant changes in schedules or unforeseen difficulties in addressing a dog's specific needs.

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